I was fortunate enough to have Mr. Falodun as a attorney a few years back in howard county Maryland. Long story short he was doing pro bono work in the county at the time. Mr Falodun did phenomenal job representing me! I was awaiting trial in the detention center. He accepted my collect calls he came and seen me at least once a week. We ended up going to trial because it was a pretty serious case and i wasnt in a position to take a plea. Before i get into the trial part i just wanna add that ive had my run ins with the law. Had many lawyers before! Mr. Falodun killed my trial!! Ive never seen anyone with such fluency and passion! He was extraordinary! Not only was i found not guilty of EVERY charge. The administration judge even said in front of everyone that Mr. Faloduns opening and closing statements were the best shes ever heard!!! Shes been in the judical system for over 40 years! Thats saying more than my words every can. Anyways if your in legal help for a criminal case dont hesitate to call Mr. Falodun! If you wanna stay out of jail that is. I used to think what everyone else thought you need a white jewish lawyer to get any justice for yourself. Completely wrong!!! Its a new age people! And Mr.Falodun is the new age Johnny Cochran. A REAL trial lawyer not just a plea lawyer.


Mr. Falodun is a seasoned lawyer with experience from both Howard Law & being at the front lines of his clients cases. He has represented me in a DUI case & presentes facts throughout the whole case that not only proved my innocence but also, in my eyes, established him as a lawyer who is for the people. There is no other better choice than Mr. Wole Falodun when seeking help & I assure you he will be with you every step of the way.


Good evening Mr. Wole this is Anthony Davis i just writing you to thank you for representing me in court today your assistance was greatly appreciated.